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        Organization development and talents

        To create value in the healthcare industry, we are expecting those who share the same philosophy with the company to achieve a win-win situation. We firmly believe that talents are the most valuable resource of the company and talent development is the most key to the company development. The vital work of our human resources is to absorb, cultivate, retain, incentive, and develop talents.


        Career planning and training

        With the company growing continuously, we focus more on the career development and growth of talents and provide them with opportunities and space for sustainable development. We have improved the promotion mechanism and strived to provide employees with multiple channels to help them achieve their value. We keep on exploring the changes in employee needs, adjusting career planning and training modes, to achieve a win-win situation for the company and employees.


        Compensation and benefits

        We provide competitive salaries and welfare system for talents, especially those who strive with us. The company adopts a rich income structure, differentiated benefits, and flexible policies to meet the needs of talents at different levels.


        Caring for employees is an important responsibility of the company. We have set up a working atmosphere of respect, trust, and happiness. Comfortable dormitories, diverse entertainment events, safe and delicious cafeteria, etc. Here, employees enjoy their work and life.


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